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Make me choose

hookriels asked: Victoria Grayson or Emily Thorne?

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I'm worried now that Conrad may not make it in the finale. Someone posted a scoop for the finale & it says someone spends the final hour in jail. We know its probably Conrad that is in jail from the bts photo. But what if the spoiler really means his final hour (of life) in jail? Ahhh, my ConVict.





That also came across my head! NOOOOO!!

The one who will be jailed is definitely Conrad but the death? Noooo plsss.
There are even some who speculated that the kiss between Madeleine and Henry in BTS is because it gonna be the last season for Conrad’s character. And that he might be killed in jail like DC because of that “let’s just say they don’t handle it well”?

I was thinking of Aiden before because of Sloane’s new TV show but Aiden is not really considered a Hamptonite, right?

But, but also, they can’t give away 2 clues for one character alone, right? right??

No pls NO, jail is almost killing me, what will happen to me if one of ConVict did not make it to S4?

If Conrad does die, I will legitimately cry during that ep!!! 

I’m literally gonna cry for days!! Revenge show will be 50% dead to me.

Didn’t Madeleine also say that S4 would be her last, even if there are going to be more seasons?

I think it’s safe to say that Victoria will be alone against Emily in S4, but still, I don’t think it’s Conrad the one who dies. I think it’s either Daniel or Aiden.

EVEN THOUGH, bring Conrad to die in prison like David Clarke did, would be one of Emily’s two great takedowns.


Madeleine Stowe in Haiti pics by @artistsforpeace on Twitter

I’m wondering about when will filming for The Unbound Captives will start? It’s a good thing she is there with others helping the kids in Haiti.

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when people say revenge should be cancelled


when people say revenge should be cancelled

I don't have Facebook what's said on the revenge fandom? I'm intrigued as to why it's so embarrassing.




Here are the comments. 90% of them was people saying this kind of shit. It’s like these people watch an entirely different show or are so obsessed with Emily that they can’t see what’s around her. 

Just a few statements:

1 - “Emily needs to take over the Graysons’ asses once and for all and have her revenge”

Yeah, assholes, let’s do that, and then let’s just stop watching because THERE IS NO ONE ELSE TO HAVE REVENGE ON. That’s why they keep bringing new characters in you know. Because the writers have at least one more season to work on, and as long as Emily is alive, so are the Graysons (or, at least, Victoria). Get over it and get the fuck out.

2 - “This goldigger whore doesn’t deserve a happy ending”

Sure, let’s blame her for everything and let’s totally forget she has had a childhood and a whole life way worse than Emily’s. This goldigger whore has been treated like shit by her mother, has been accused of murder and sent to the psych ward, has been raped twice and gotten pregnant, has given up her baby son because one of her rapist was stalking her and the child, has been forced to choose between David Clarke and her children, has lost Dominik and so on, has reunited with Patrick and been forced to send him away again. So, yeah, let’s just not give her a happy ending, let’s hope she’ll be miserable forever while the glorious Emily keeps redsharpieing people and bringing trouble to her own closest friends (Nolan, Jack, Amanda).

3 - “She’s just divorced, she’s a whore for getting married again”

Seriously? Like, SERIOUSLY? No need to say she married Conrad a second time around for convenience reasons (mostly Conrad’s), so I won’t count that as marriage. She’s been divorced, in fact, for two years now, so what. How’s that nobody said a word about Conrad wanting to marry Lydia again? Some people disgust me.

4- “Eeeewww”

Victoria is having a genuine love affair and guess what? She’s happy. It’s what people in love do. They have sex, they kiss, sometimes they marry. There is no reasons to “eeeewww” her. She’s still a gorgeous woman (she’s more attractive than Emily to me, but this is my opinion of course) who can still have sex and kiss guys without being creepy. To me her scenes with Pascal are way sexier than Emily getting fucked by Aiden every five minutes you know. Also, yes, I like Pascal and I like their relationship. He has made mistakes like she has, but he seems genuinely in love with Victoria, and he makes her happy, so it’s perfectly fine with me and I ship it. But again, she doesn’t deserve this right? She’s a goldigger whore afterall. Get out of my way.

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I can’t take the amount of embarrassement of Revenge’s facebook fandom, really.

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Gail O’Grady and Madeleine Stowe on the set of Revenge.


Gail O’Grady and Madeleine Stowe on the set of Revenge.

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Requested by Anonymous

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