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Madeleine Stowe in Go Ahead And Rain music video back in the 80s. 

This is gold!

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Revenge Merchandise: http://bit.ly/JYDTq4


Revenge Merchandise: http://bit.ly/JYDTq4

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Victoria scheming in Grayson Manor // There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

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OOC: What is it about Victoria Grayson, that makes you love her so much? I ask myself the same question, however, I cannot put my finger on it...



OOC: If I were to list all of the reasons I have for loving Victoria’s character, I would be here for days- but I’ll do my best to try and convey that love to the best of my abilities. As I’ve mentioned before, I liked Victoria’s character from the very beginning and, in my opinion, she has always been one of the easiest characters to sympathize with on the show.

The first thing that caught my interest about Victoria was how conflicted she was about framing David Clarke all those years ago. Since the pilot, the audience was made aware of Victoria’s profound guilt over her betrayal of David and that alone was enough to intrigue me at the time. As the series went on, however, I began to appreciate other aspects of her character- the elegant way in which she would carry herself, how quick she was to suspect Emily, her passive-aggressive one-liners, and the incredible love and protectiveness she felt for her children. While some of those reasons might seem shallow now, they were partly responsible for capturing my interest in Victoria’s character way back when.

When 2x08 aired we were given an even greater insight into Victoria’s character. Until then all we really knew about her background was that she was “penniless” when Conrad met her, had worked in an art gallery, and never knew her father. “Lineage” is and always will be a crucial episode for understanding where Victoria came from and why she might have turned out the way she did: insecure, unable to trust others, and constantly living with the fear that everyone she loves will end up abandoning her someday. 

People are always talking about Emily’s childhood and using it as an excuse to justify her actions but when it comes to Victoria, I think most fans tend to underestimate just how psychologically damaging her circumstances were. The only family she had was her mother, Marion, whose sole focus in life was to find a man that could sustain her financially. She never gave a damn about Victoria, never showed her any love, and certainly never took any of her needs into consideration. This woman was dating a married man, expecting him to propose to her, and, when he tells her that’s never going to happen, she murders him while her daughter is making them coffee in the kitchen not even twenty feet away. Of course, none of this happens until after Marion offers to send Victoria away if it means Thomas will marry her (which Victoria overhears).

I don’t think I need to explain how traumatizing that situation would be for any child regardless of their age- and it only gets worse from there. Imagine being fifteen years old and realizing your own mother, the only family you’ve ever known, doesn’t give three shits about you or your well-being. Imagine hearing her shoot a man (twice, I believe) and then manipulating you into taking the blame because “no jury will ever convict you”. Mother knows best, right? Then imagine being sentenced to a six month in-patient psychiatric evaluation for a crime you never committed. Do you think Marion ever went to visit her daughter in the hospital? Do you think she ever bothered to offer Victoria any support whatsoever or reassure her that everything was going to be okay?

Of course not. Marion was too busy wooing Maxwell, her latest conquest. So flash forward six months and Victoria is once again under her mother’s custody. The worst is over and she’s finally ready to return to her normal life until, one day, Maxwell sneaks into her room and sexually abuses her. And as if that experience alone wasn’t emotionally scarring enough, Marion’s response is to throw her daughter out of the house the very next day. I can’t even begin to imagine how hurt and betrayed Victoria must have felt by that, and the idea of being thrown out into the streets, completely left to her own devices, must have seemed utterly terrifying to her as well. 

Then there’s Hatred (3x13). I don’t even want to have to go into this episode because it is a hundred times less subtle than 2x08 and it’s much more recent, too, so there’s a good chance it’s a lot fresher in people’s minds. Plus I’m pretty sure Victoria’s detailed recounting of the time Jimmy raped her was so heartbreaking that the audience is going to have a hard time trying to forget it.

So anyways, back to the reasons I love Victoria. This is someone whose trust has been betrayed time and time again since she was a little girl (often by people she’s loved), yet she’s still able to give it away to those she considers worthy. Someone who grew up with nothing, but managed to end up with everything. Someone who never had anyone looking out for her, but is constantly looking out for her friends and family. Someone who was never shown any love by her mother, but is always expressing her unconditional love for her children.

I love Victoria because, in many ways, she’s an admirable person. Yes, she’s done some terrible things and, no, she is nowhere close to being a saint, but that’s what I like about her: she’s human. There are so many sides to her that she actually feels like a real person. She yells and throws things when she’s angry, lights up a room when she smiles, laughs when she’s happy, bursts into tears when she’s hurt…she’s human. She can be charming and pleasant one second or cold and cruel the next.

You just never know what you’re going to get with Victoria because she’s so afraid of being hurt by other people that her instincts are usually to either attack them first or run. But in those rare moments when she actually does allow herself to wear her heart on her sleeve, we’re able to see just how warm and loving a person Victoria can truly be.

Sure she might be prone to acting on some seriously heinous impulses every now and then, and she isn’t always the nicest person in the world, but she does have a good heart and to deny that wouldn’t just be false, it would be ignorant.

That’s all I have to say.

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Seriously, Claire Danes AGAIN?

I’m so fucking over the Emmys and the Golden Globes. I don’t know why Madeleine keeps getting robbed unnoticed for a nomination. 

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I don’t understand how anybody can still be rooting for Emily over Victoria or Daniel after all she’s done. She’s a manipulative sociopath who deserves everything that’s happened to her this year.


I don’t understand how anybody can still be rooting for Emily over Victoria or Daniel after all she’s done. She’s a manipulative sociopath who deserves everything that’s happened to her this year.

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"Business makes for strange bedfellows." | 2.12

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